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The Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA) serves as the leading organisation dedicated to enhancing the skill of revenue and profit optimisation for hospitality and tourism professionals.

Since our establishment in 2011, our primary focus has been to provide comprehensive education, valuable resources, and exceptional networking opportunities to empower tourism industry practitioners in maximising revenue and profit potential from perishable assets.

ARMA collaborates with industry leaders, academic institutions, and employees to elevate the standards of revenue and yield management, driving continuous growth in skills, knowledge and innovation that contribute to sector-wide success.

At the heart of ARMA’s mission is the core belief in the power of ongoing learning. We equip primarily accommodation operators, restaurants and attractions with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions that propels business growth.

By fostering a revenue and profit optimisation culture from the top down, organisations can influence profitability and staff retention, integrating effective revenue and yield management strategies as vital components of broader commercial capabilities that enhance asset value.

Central to our association is the Professional Membership Framework, a comprehensive program that supports the career growth and development of both emerging and experienced revenue management professionals. This framework helps employees acquire the necessary competencies at varying career stages, while assisting the industry with succession planning.

ARMA’s ultimate vision is to foster a better revenue landscape that leads to a stronger industry overall. By continuously improving revenue management practices, we contribute to the success and sustainability of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Better Revenue. Better Industry.

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