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Many operators feel overwhelmed trying to grow profit margins for their business and this is where revenue management techniques assist. 

This course provides step-by-step training on the foundations of revenue and yield management and is industry-recognised as the entry level certification in revenue management. 

This course is accommodation focused, however, the concepts taught can be applied to all business models where the optimisation of perishable inventory is required, such as an airline seat, cruise ship cabins, theatres, golf courses and advertising space.

Volume of learning: 10-15 hours, self-paced and supported 7 days a week.

ARMA is the preferred supplier of revenue management education for the Accommodation Association, Hospitality New Zealand and Tourism Industry Aotearoa 

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You will develop revenue management and commercial leadership skills that will prove invaluable in the workplace and assist you in your career progression across a multitude of industries.

You will gain experience and in-depth knowledge of revenue management in an accommodation context and become a highly valued business leader.

This course is delivered 100% online by ARMA.

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Loved by industry for 8 years this interactive and engaging online training tool can support your academic hospitality and business degree programs. Cost effective, easy to use and facilitate and no locked in contracts. 

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Begins: On-demand
Delivered online & self-paced
Volume of learning: 7-hours
Access to the course: 60-days

This course is a digital boot camp that nicely compliments the revenue management courses. This series of video tutorials and valuable checklists are designed for you by leading industry specialists with a proven track record in assisting many properties to grow their businesses.

ARMA has developed this course for you in partnership with Koncept Konnect, a well-established and respected organisation that has implemented a myriad of sales and marketing concepts, online channel strategies, and social media ideas for a large number of accommodation properties with impressive results.

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Begins: On-demand
Delivered online & self-paced
The volume of learning: 30-hours
Access to the course & membership: 12-months 
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Includes the Excel Hotel Data Analysis Course

ARMA and OWL Analytics have been long-term partners and ARMA can continue to access their advanced course. If you want to be challenged and learn the skills to take your revenue analysis where your PMS and RMS can’t go, then this course is for you.  You will also learn to challenge biases and assumptions using data-driven arguments.
Be an educated person in the room when discussing Revenue Science. 
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This course is the 4th module in the Science of Hotel Revenue Optimization Course listed above.
Excel is a valuable and powerful software program used by many, however, few understand how to take advantage of its many features. Most of us navigate through by learning from colleagues with no access to training, never realising its full potential to the benefit of the business.

Your facilitator works through a practical piece of analysis as an example to teach you some of the powerful functions Excel has so you can try these for your own property analysis.


If you’d like to grow a profitable business and have an expert in your corner then The Mentor You Program is for you.

Begins: On-demand
Delivered online and by video conferencing
Time to complete & membership: 12-months 
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The Mentor You Program is for any property keen to elevate the revenue management skills of their leader with the right support and see results. You’ll feel confident, empowered, and connected in your role as a revenue manager. 

Includes 12 x 1 hour (one per month) live coaching, guiding, and strategy discussions and 12-months ARMA membership including access to the video tutorial library and resources section and monthly member resource drop. The Certificate of Revenue Management Foundations is included as an added bonus.

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eSkillsHUB - Business Certifications

The ARMA HUB of continued professional learning and development certifications.
100% online and self-paced.

Course topics include Social Media Marketing, Writing for the Web, Social Brand Building, Objection Handling in Sales, Relationship Building, Customer Relationship Management, Excel ® beginner to advanced, and many more. These digital certifications are applicable across a broad range of business disciplines.

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How you sell and present your property is just as important as the price point . Perceived value, retail psychology and an exceptional customer experience all drive conversions for your property . Sometimes you need to have fresh eyes with a revenue management mindset look at your business... 


"Let's get on with it" 

Grow your business at the Summit.  The largest dedicated revenue and yield management focused conference and exhibition in Asia-Pacific is back in person in 2022

Online ticket options to the post-conference delegate portal for 30-days, including a selection of keynote sessions, bonus tutorials, plus the Summit magazine "RM" and the Summit forum where you can join a chat or post a question for an expert answer.

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RM Magaizne by ARMA

Enjoyed by industry since 2014. RM Magazine is a professionally produced digital revenue management magazine published by ARMA and packed with revenue management focused content from a range of leading experts and ARMA partners. Perfect for student programs and industry professionals..

Our courses are

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"My team attended a revenue management workshop with Melissa Kalan, and after applying some of the strategies learnt in training we have seen an increase in revenue well in excess of $100K. We have been yielding the same way for well over 10 years and never have we seen a spike in revenue quite like this. We are thrilled with the results" 
"We needed to source up to date expertise in hotel revenue management, and knew that ARMA has proven results and a vast experience in this area. I found Melissa’s personable, common sense approach combined with her extensive knowledge of the industry gave insight into ways to increase the hotel revenue."
"Melissa was of great value to our accommodation group - identified very quickly significant opportunity and through clear communication, our team were able to implement efficiently & effectively. The gains we made, were significant - but more importantly the permanent changes that we made, have generated a great last return and helped facilitate recent successful expansion of our accommodation group".
- eoin loftus gaicd, ceo majestic hotels & chairman of tourism industry council, SA
"Thank you, Melissa and team, for an excellent two-day Summit, great speakers from the industry and a chance to meet market leading vendors/partners. No doubt, we are taking away a lot more than we had expected before coming up. Look forward to the next one"
- vic Namasivayam – General Manager Grand Papua Hotel

The Association

The Australian Revenue Management Association is our community of revenue management focused professionals and organisations from all over the globe coming together as passionate business professionals that value the importance of upskilling and training.

We truly believe it takes a team to build a business and drive your strategy. This team is your entire workforce from senior management to your front line and back of house staff. Every staff member is a revenue management ambassador for your organisation and through training you can uncover your next revenue strategy and commercial leader, and start succession planning.

The revenue manager journey is too often walked alone but once you’ve decided to unlock this way of thinking for yourself, your team or your entire organisation you will be amazed at how many revenue opportunities they uncover for your business.

Join and study with ARMA and be taken on an incredible user experience that equips you with the tools, training, support and guidance you need to confidently develop your revenue management skill set. We understand working professionals are busy people and so our training is flexible and self-paced, interactive and engaging and most importantly we support you 7 days a week.  

So let's get started...
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